Eclipse Sunshades


Frequently Asked Questions.
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Q: Do Eclipse Sunshades come with mounting clips or do I have to buy them separately?

A: Eclipse Sunshades include everything you will need for a successful installation, including adhesive mounting clips, the shade, and installation instructions.


Q: Does my rearview mirror have a sensor?

A: Any rearview mirror equipped with a piece of extra technology has a sensor. Whether the mirror is fitted with a compass, detects rain, or has a lane sensor, the shade will need to have a cutout to fit properly.


Q: If my I don’t have a rearview mirror sensor, but my rearview mirror is mounted on the windshield, do I need a cutout?

A: No, if you have a standard rearview mirror mounted on your windshield no cutout is needed. The Eclipse Sunshade will close perfectly over the mirror’s base.


Q: What if I have an Eclipse Sunshade for a couple years and then a part of it breaks?

A: We will send you a replacement part free of charge.


Q: What shipping company are shades shipped with?

A: All shades are shipped using UPS ground. We use USPS for shipping mounting clips and retractors.