Eclipse Sunshades

Protect your vehicle with the original Eclipse Sunshade

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Eclipse Sun Shades protects your vehicles interior from sun damage.


Eclipse Sun Shades help keep your car cooler by blocking out the heat of the sun.
Self Storing

Self Storing

Eclipse Sun Shades are self-storing and self-retracting making them convenient to use.

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Eclipse sunshade in a closed position
Eclipse sunshade in a closed position Closing the Eclipse Sunshade from the vehicles interior The Eclipse sunshade showcasing sun coverage from the interior The Eclipse Sunshade in a retracted position, hidden from view. Demonstrating how to close an Eclipse Sunshade Eclipse Sunshades protecting a vehicle from the sun.

Eclipse SunShade

Eclipse Sunshades are a quality choice for your vehicle, proudly featuring:

  • Protection: fully form fitting and mounted to your windshield
  • Simplicity: easy to install, open, retract, store and remove
  • Longevity: cycle tested to 12,000 cycles, made with high strength steel and quality polyester
  • Style: elegant appearance with a high tech flair
  • Versatility: from car to motor home to boat, Eclipse fits all!



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    Mounting Clips

    Our adhesive mounting clips are specific to the Eclipse SunShade and make installation a quick and easy process, no matter your vehicle.

    These clips come in handy when you are replacing your windshield, but are keeping your shade! Mounting clips can also be purchased as replacements.

    Choose "6 Clips" if your shade has 6 retractors
    Choose "4 Clips" if your shade has 4 retractors

    Mounting clips are included free with each Eclipse Sunshade for installation. Replacements must be purchased separately.


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    ...We live in Central Texas and cars/trucks here get incredibly hot in the summer and the Eclipse Sunshade makes a drastic difference inside the car... We've been an Eclipse Sunshade customer for so many years I can't even recall how long. LOVE THEM!

    – Susan & Scott B. in Austin, TX

    I absolutely LOVE my shade! I didn’t buy my shade just to keep the heat down (although it does make a difference) I wanted to preserve my dash. A friend has had his for 5 years, so when we decided to get a new car I knew that I wanted to purchase a shade. I have loved it from the get go!

    – Melanie in Gastonia, NC