Eclipse Sunshades

Testimonials From Happy Customers

"We currently have Eclipse Sunshades on 3 vehicles, and have previously had it on 3 other vehicles. We've been an Eclipse Sunshade customer for so many years I can't even recall how long. LOVE THEM! I literally have people chase me down in parking lots to ask me where I got the sunshade in my car. We live in Central Texas and cars/trucks here get incredibly hot in the summer and the Eclipse Sunshade makes a drastic difference inside the car. Also - the ordering and shipping process is fast and seamless. If you hate messing with those pop-up sunshade things then you'll love having this installed on your windshield."

- Susan & Scott B. in Austin, TX

"This is the best online merchant that I have ever dealt with. Their customer service is beyond exceptional. I had a concern with delivery dates and my location. To say they bent over backwards to resolve my concerns would be an understatement. Plus, their product is of the highest quality. I am 100% + pleased with the service and product from Eclipse Sun Shades."

- Maurice F. in St. David, AZ

"I absolutely LOVE my shade! I didn’t buy my shade just to keep the heat down (although it does make a difference) I wanted to preserve my dash. A friend has had his for 5 years, so when we decided to get a new car I knew that I wanted to purchase a shade. I have loved it from the get go. The convenience alone is a great selling point. I get a lot of inquiries about it and I recommend you to them all!

- Melanie in Gastonia, NC

"The Eclipse Sunshade has kept my car cooler than other shades I've used in the past. Good quality and works well."

- Nathaniel P. in Albuquerque, NM

"In fact, there should be a number beyond 5 for Customer Service. A year ago, I purchase another Eclipse Sun Shade, having purchased one for each vehicle I’ve owned over the past 15 years. Unfortunately, the Shade was slightly defective (it would not open and close easily). I finally contacted Eclipse to see if I could get a replacement Shade. I explained the problem. Instead of charging me for another Shade, they happily replaced the one I had, at no additional cost to me. Of course the new Shade works great. My hat is off to the Team at Eclipse Sun Shades. Talk about great customer service. All of my future vehicles will have an Eclipse Sun Shade."

- Howard R. in Lakewood, CO

"Eclipse SunShades: efficient, easy to use & install and an absolute necessity in Phoenix, AZ! Thank you!"

- Jim M. in Phoenix, AZ

"I believe that the Eclipse Sunshade is the best product of its type available for your vehicle. I have owned 3 cars in the last 5 years and each one had an Eclipse product in them. Living in the desert of AZ you NEED these products for use every day and i have used them every day, to complete satisfaction. The shades are well built, fit excellently and are far superior than any other sunshade product i have tried!! They also have excellent customer service to boot!!! I am an Eclipse customer for life!!"

- Jim K. in Mount Royal, NJ

"The shades are so easy to use. No more hassles with trying to open those foldable shades, just grab each side and pull together until the velcro sticks. When you want them open just pull them apart and they recess back to each side of the window."

- Martha in Allen, TX

"I've been using the Eclipse SunShade in all my vehicles since 1986. It's an excellent product and company to work wth and I often wonder why more people don't use their sun shade. They are so superior to ANY OTHER kind of car shade there is and there are NO hassles of storing them!"

- Valeska in Angels Camp, CA

"The friendliest, speediest, most thorough, most conscientious customer service, and such a high quality product. Definitely will do business with them again if the opportunity arises!"

- Kenneth in Long Beach, NY

"Do not hesitate to purchase this for your car! We have been buying these for our cars for over 10 years. No hassle with sun-shades --- saves our dash -- convenient and adds a look of elegance. Not to mention keeping your car cool."

- Jim in Dallas, TX

"Installed as advertised - quick, easy, beautiful. Works as advertised. Service and price as advertised. I could not find a complaint if I tried! Thanks!"

- Stephen in Idaho Falls, ID

"I have owned Eclipse Sunshades in the past, but this is my first experience with this vendor of them. Absolutely unparalleled service. Spec'd out the right units for my vehicles, arranged prompt and proper shipping, and worked with me personally on follow-up service after the sale. I gladly recommend without hesitation!"

- Dave in Biloxi, MS

"An ingenious product that should be built in to every new car. Lives up to its claims. I will get another for my 2nd vehicle."

- James in Salvo, NC

"This is the third time I have placed an order with I like their product and the service is excellent. I have no idea how they handle problems because I've never had one."

- Richard in El Paso, TX

"We have owned Eclipse Shades for over 10 years. Everytime we trade cars we either move the shade or order new ones. There is nothing that equals these shades."

- Craig in McAllen, TX

"I was very pleased with the ease of installation, overall appearance, and the fact that I don't have to find a place to stuff the shade when not in use. This is an excellent product."

- Edith in Bountiful, UT

"The best sunshade ever! My friends are always asking about it and envy the no hassle gadget."

- Robert in Middleburg, FL

"This is the third Eclipse Sunshade I have purchased. The service has been excellent and prompt. Once installed, you will truly enjoy this product. It's worth every penny."

- Tom in Hillsborough, NJ

"I've used the Eclipse Sunshade on an older car. When I got a new car, no stores in my area carried it so I went to the internet and found it. I am very satisfied and will purchase more in the future."

- Richard in Arvada, CO

"This is a very good company. They have been very helpful and professional and the service has gone beyond the sale. I love the Eclipse Sunshade (this is my third shade) and would buy from them again."

-Ed in Giddings, TX

"Very prompt service and great quality product! We Will order more for our other cars!"

-Laura in Phoenix, AZ

"I have used the product several times and can say that it's excellent. The purchase process and delivery time were excellent as well."

- William in Cave Creek, AZ

"This was an outstanding experience - one of my best buys on the internet - totally satisfied."

- James in Albuquerque, NM