Eclipse Sunshades


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Q: How do I install my Eclipse Sunshade?


Q: Do Eclipse Sunshades come with mounting clips or do I have to buy them separately?

A: Eclipse Sunshades include everything you will need for a successful installation, including adhesive mounting clips, the shade, and installation instructions.


Q: Does my rearview mirror have a sensor?

A: Any rear-view mirror equipped with a piece of extra technology has a sensor. Whether the mirror is fitted with a compass, detects rain, or has a lane sensor, the shade will need to have a cutout to fit properly.


Q: If I don’t have a rearview mirror sensor, but my rearview mirror is mounted on the windshield, do I need a cutout?

A: No, if you have a standard rear-view mirror mounted on your windshield no cutout is needed. The Eclipse Sunshade will close perfectly over the mirror’s base.


Q: What if I have an Eclipse Sunshade for a couple years and then a part of it breaks?

A: We will send you a replacement part, free of charge.


Q: What shipping company are shades shipped with?

A: All shades are shipped using UPS ground. We use USPS for shipping mounting clips and retractors.


Q: Do I need 4 or 6 mounting clips?

A: If your shade is 30" or larger vertically, then you will need 6 mounting clips. If your shade is less than 30", then you will only need 4 mounting clips. This is represented by the last two digits of the SKU (EX: 106231 will need 6 clips, while 13626 will need 4 clips).


Q: When I hold my uninstalled shade up to the windshield, it doesn't look like it fits well?

A: The best way to check if a shade will fit is to hold it up vertically near the SIDE POSTS and NOT the MIDDLE. Holding the shade up near the middle will misrepresent the fit for the shade.


Q: Do the sunshades obstruct my view from driving?

A: They do not. Given that the Eclipse Sunshade is installed properly, they are hardly noticeable in their retracted state and do not obstruct the view of the driver.


Q: How can I prolong the life of my Eclipse Sunshade?

A: To best preserve the life of your shade, it's best to open and close the shade gently every single time. Letting the shades "snap" back can damage the retractors and shorten it's lifespan. It is also best to only pull the shades at the leather tabs in a straight, horizontal line when closing them.